What Do You Need To Know About Your Fire Protection Alarm System?

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire protection alarm system is crucial to any business, commercial or residential place when the concern is the safety of its occupants and guests. An efficient fire alarm system normally consists of fire suppression devices like fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire sprinklers. All these elements are crucial in preventing fire including its widespread if a fire strike. This is why it’s necessary that any establishment should be knowledgeable about when to replace the fire alarm system.

What are the reasons for replacing a fire alarm system?

The most valid reason for replacing the fire protection alarm system is when it failed to perform as expected regardless of a standard fire safety drill is done or a real fire occurred. Keep in mind, a faulty fire alarm system poses a higher risk of injuries and damages to properties. Apart from that failure of the fire alarm system would result in a failing score during a local fire safety routine check.

Another reason that will compel you to replace your existing fire alarm system is when the fire alarm services provider discovered during the inspection some issues on your fire protection equipment. For example, the fire extinguishers models are already outdated or no longer available in the market. Upcoming renovations on your establishment could be another cause for installing a new fire alarm system. The updated building code in your area demands an upgrade of your current fire alarm system.

What is the average expected service life of a fire alarm system?

According to experts from fire alarm services the average service life of a fire alarm system is within the range of 12 to 15 years provided it was designed appropriately, installed and maintained. Regular inspections should be performed by a reputable fire protection company in order for the fire alarm system to function at its best and limit incidents of false fire alarms.

Why does a fire alarm system need to be upgraded?

The most advanced fire alarm system can exceed the performance of an old fire alarm system. If you think your current fire alarm system is already outdated don’t hesitate to contact the fire alarm services of a fire protection company and opt for a modern fire alarm system upgrade.

Why choose Prime Fire Protection in NSW?

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