Vesda System

VESDA stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. This device is essentially an aspirating smoke detector. When it comes to maintaining an aspirating detector like VESDA, you will need to follow a little bit different procedures than that required for a regular smoke and fire detection system.

Prime Fire offers monthly, half-yearly and annual testing services to always keep your VESDA systems in tip-top condition and to ensure that they are fully compliant with the relevant Australian safety standards.

How VESDA Detectors Operate?

Some of the common components in a VESDA smoke detector are: air filter, sampling chamber, and a series of pipes that act as the sampling points. VESDA detector functions by extracting some air from the area where it is installed. The air travels through the pipes and finally reaches into the sampling chamber.

The sampling chamber is the place where the detector is located. It calculates the amount of contaminants present in the air and compares it to those permitted by the Australian safety standards.

Testing half of the sampling points is mandatory on regular basis. Apart from making sure that the sampling points are fully operational, monthly inspections and tests include following tasks:

  • Ensuring an optimum air flow in the VESDA detector
  • Testing the efficiency of pipe network
  • Measuring the time required to transport air from one part of the system to the other
  • Inspecting air filters and ensuring that they are free from any defects
  • Cleaning the sampling points

Like any modern fire protection system, VESDA detectors are technically advanced and complex devices that need regular testing and maintenance for optimum performance. The team of experienced engineers and technicians at Prime Fire undergo special training on periodic basis to be up-to-date with the latest advancements in all fire protection systems including VESDA detectors.

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