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What Are The Composition Of Fire Hydrant Systems?

Fire Hydrant

For an individual to fully understand a workable fire hydrant system it requires enough information about its composition and how important its role in the event of a fire. With our strong commitment to educate the customers, we have provided below the parts of fire hydrant systems.


One of the vital parts of fire hydrants systems is the hydrant itself. The hydrant is where the action begins to ensure that fire is controlled and put off immediately. The hydrant is the part that connects the hose with the water source. A fire hydrant will usually have a valve wherein the responding fire crew will connect the hose and turn on or off the water supply as the need arise.

Water Supply and Storage

A fire hydrant system will only function and deliver the needed amount of water if enough water source is available. Insufficient water supply could prevent the fire crew from performing efficiently in putting off the fire at any given situation. So, what will make fire hydrant systems workable? Pipes must be properly installed and connected to the main water source, either underground or a dam. The rule is there has to be guaranteed enough water source during the fire.

Fire Hose

According to the fire sprinkler services representative similar to the fire sprinkler installation where sprinklers and water need to be present in order for fire to be controlled, the fire hydrant systems will need fire a hose. Why? It’s a very straightforward answer, water source needs to pass through without spills – the fire hose. Without a fire hose the responding, fire crew can’t reach out the affected areas and spray water.


Another composition of fire hydrant systems is the booster. How does it work? Its role is mainly pumped the needed amount of water supply to get rid of the fire. Keep in mind, in some fire hydrants the external booster isn’t visible, but in most installations the booster is completely visible.

Block Plan

The last composition of a functional fire hydrant system is the block plan. The block plan is like a map of all the parts needed for fire hydrant systems to perform at their optimum level such as enough water source, extra fire hydrants.

What needs to be done before the designing and installation of fire hydrants?

There are a series of requirements before the design and installation of fire hydrants can be implemented. First, the hydraulic evaluation must be carried out to make sure enough water source is available. Second, it has to validate that flow including pressure adheres to the structure of the building, size of the area including the fire sprinkler installation. Third, the proposed fire hydrant system must comply with the Australian Standard AS2419 and building code.

Who to contact for fire hydrant systems installation in Australia?

If your property is located in Australia and wishes to design an effective fire protection system, then, go and visit the official website of Prime Fire Protection, a leading fire protection company offering a wide range of fire protection packages including fire hydrant systems, fire sprinkler services and fire detection.