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What Do You Need To Know About Your Fire Protection Alarm System?

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire protection alarm system is crucial to any business, commercial or residential place when the concern is the safety of its occupants and guests. An efficient fire alarm system normally consists of fire suppression devices like fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire sprinklers. All these elements are crucial in preventing fire including its widespread if a fire strike. This is why it’s necessary that any establishment should be knowledgeable about when to replace the fire alarm system.

What are the reasons for replacing a fire alarm system?

The most valid reason for replacing the fire protection alarm system is when it failed to perform as expected regardless of a standard fire safety drill is done or a real fire occurred. Keep in mind, a faulty fire alarm system poses a higher risk of injuries and damages to properties. Apart from that failure of the fire alarm system would result in a failing score during a local fire safety routine check.

Another reason that will compel you to replace your existing fire alarm system is when the fire alarm services provider discovered during the inspection some issues on your fire protection equipment. For example, the fire extinguishers models are already outdated or no longer available in the market. Upcoming renovations on your establishment could be another cause for installing a new fire alarm system. The updated building code in your area demands an upgrade of your current fire alarm system.

What is the average expected service life of a fire alarm system?

According to experts from fire alarm services the average service life of a fire alarm system is within the range of 12 to 15 years provided it was designed appropriately, installed and maintained. Regular inspections should be performed by a reputable fire protection company in order for the fire alarm system to function at its best and limit incidents of false fire alarms.

Why does a fire alarm system need to be upgraded?

The most advanced fire alarm system can exceed the performance of an old fire alarm system. If you think your current fire alarm system is already outdated don’t hesitate to contact the fire alarm services of a fire protection company and opt for a modern fire alarm system upgrade.

Why choose Prime Fire Protection in NSW?

Whether your business, company or residential home needs a reliable fire alarm services provider or new fire alarm detectors, extinguishers and other fire suppression devices Prime Fire Protection team can help you become fire safety compliant. Protect your workers, guests, business associates, loved ones and properties from the dangers of destructive fire by availing the right fire protection package. Book now a private meeting with one of their fire experts at Prime Fire Protection Smithfield, NSW.


Why Fire Protection Plan Is Crucial To Any Workplace?


Any workplace can be exposed to destructive fire incidents that could lead to major damages including disruption of daily operation. But, the extent of fire risky factors don’t just focus on the furniture pieces and equipment. Fire can cause harm or endanger the lives of your workers. It’s mandatory for every workplace to have a fire protection plan. Why? A fire protection plan will cover the following concerns:

1.Increase fire hazards awareness

Fire protection plans don’t only include the fire designs, but the fire hazards present in any working environment. Keep in mind, a fire will need a main source in order to start a blaze. It can be a flammable material that will create a fire if heat is present. The person that can help educate your workers is a fire expert. With his or her guidance workers will be given enough information of fire hazard.


Educating workers about fire hazards isn’t enough to prevent a fire incidence. We all know that no matter how cautious the workers in their daily duties to decrease the possibility of a fire adequate training must be part of the fire protection plan. Your hired workers must be trained on how to detect fire, how to respond to it and find ways of escape. Investing of extensive fire safety training will reduce cases of injuries and fatalities.

3.Fire safe compliant

A dependable fire protection plan must also be compliant with your local fire authority requirements such as having enough fire extinguishers, installation of sprinklers or regular fire pump service and fire alarm inspection.

4.Preparedness when a fire strikes

Yes, this is one of the greatest benefits of having a fire protection plan prepare the workers for an actual fire. Of course, we don’t wish for a fire to happen, but, it will make a difference if the workers know precisely the appropriate actions to safeguard themselves and decrease damage on property.

What will happen if the workplace doesn’t have a fire protection plan?

Non-existence of a fire protection plan in any working environment could lead to a major disaster, financial losses or any of the following scenarios:

  • Physical injuries

Any workplace without a fire protection plan will increase the possibilities of workers getting burned, injured or killed.

  • Massive destruction to property

Fires can totally burn the whole building including the contents found inside its premises. This is why any structure is required to following building code, fire safety designs and be equipped with the right fire protection equipment to lessen the destruction of fire.

Who to entrust your fire protection plan?

If you want to become well informed about fire safety, fire designs or what services to avail from a fire protection company in Australia, then, better contact the representative at Prime Fire Protection. Their specialty focuses on everything about fire safety, fire prevention including services (fire extinguisher service, fire pump service and a lot more). A fire protection plan is your ticket to a safer working environment for your workers.

FAQ To Ask The Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm Installation

Are you about to meet the representative of a local fire alarm service provider? Fire alarm installation is one of the safest ways to protect a home, office or any business. Although we are aware of the function of fire alarms when a fire strikes, it’s still best to come up with a list of questions during the private consultation with a fire protection expert. Below are frequently asked questions that will help us learn more about the fire alarm system.

Question #1 – Do fire alarms have expiration date?

If this is your first time to install fire alarms one of the concerns about these fire protection system devices is their life expectancy. Do they have an expiration date? According to the representative of fire alarm services top quality fire alarms will last for approximately 8 to 10 years. This is indeed worth as an investment if you will calculate the number of years your house, office or business will have been forewarned against fire.

Question #2 – Do I need to conduct regular fire alarm testing?

The general practice to ensure the fire alarms are functioning well is to do regular testing. It’s a common practice in most states to comply with fire code protection on the fire protection system and that includes fire alarms to be checked annually for performance.

Question #3 – Do I still need fire sprinklers if fire alarms are already installed?

Yes, because an effective fire protection system must have both fire alarms and fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers based on the recommendation of the fire protection services will help control the fire and give the occupants enough time to find the emergency exits.

Question #4 – Is there a difference between a conventional fire alarm and the addressable fire alarm system?

If you will compare them both with pricing, then, the conventional fire alarm system is a lot cheaper to install according to the fire alarm service representative. However, if you assess which type of fire alarm system is more efficient in detecting fire at a specific area, the addressable fire alarm system can provide this functionality. The conventional can’t accurately tell which particular area is under fire alarm. So, if you have a large facility like a factory the appropriate fire alarm system is the addressable fire alarm.

Do you need further assistance for your home, office or business fire protection system installation in Australia? If yes, contact the fire protection services representative of Prime Fire Protection.

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How To Come Up With An Effective Fire Protection Plan?

Fire Protection

Effective fire prevention starts with a fire protection plan. Why? This plan could save lives as well as massive destruction of properties. Every employee working in an office environment must be properly oriented of the company’s fire safety rules as well as the to-do things in the event an accidental fire arise. Actual preparedness of the employees is a must to reduce panic attacks and cases of injuries.

An effective fire protection plan must be carefully drafted and cover the following areas:

  • Fire Protection Plan

The fire protection plan usually outlines the potential fire hazards present in the office building such as flammable products, combustible materials, and office equipment units that can activate heat and cause to accidental fire. This plan also states the proper execution of fire preventive techniques to control and prevent widespread fire. All hired employees of the office space are required to comply whatever is stated in the fire protection plan.

  • Good Housekeeping

Fire hazards could be everywhere including in an office space environment. For the fire protection plan to become successful certain practices must be carried out by the occupants such as good housekeeping. What does good housekeeping mean? Good housekeeping means maintaining an office space not conducive for an accidental fire. For example, employees must be aware that flammable materials must be stored properly and away from direct heat to reduce the risk of accidental fire.

  • Fire Protection Equipment

Inclusive in the formal written fire protection plan is the fire protection equipment installation. What should this area cover? Well, the company must install the following fire protection equipment:

  • Fire alarms
  • Portable Fire extinguishers
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Fire hydrant
  • Fire emergency evacuation plan

Another important section that should not be overlooked when drafting the fire protection plan is the emergency evacuation plan in the event of a fire. This emergency plan must include the needed actions if a fire strikes such as the use of a fire extinguisher. If the fire is uncontrollable employees must know the exit points to safety to reduce numbers of injuries.

  • Fire Safety Training

Yes, this is a must to all companies to train all their people on fire safety. The training can be administered by a fire protection company with expertise in fire protection, fire detection, and fire system installation. The training sessions must educate employees on how to stop a fire with the use of an extinguisher including the appropriate actions needed to slow down the spread of fire (close all doors behind as they evacuate.

  • Fire inspection

Lastly, every company must diligently perform a fire inspection to ensure the building is equipped with the right fire protection equipment and other preventive strategies that decrease the incidence of fire. The fire inspection can be administered by a credible fire protection company on a regular basis.

Do you need professional advice in fire protection plan?

If you want assurance that an expert body will guide your company and employees in the implementation of an effective fire protection plan contact now the Prime Protection Company. Prime Fire offers a wider range of fire services and one-stop venue for all your fire protection equipment requirements.

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