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Fire Protection Sydney: 5 Essential Services You Must Get For Your Business

Fire protection systems are quite an essential part of businesses. Office spaces need to have certain measures against fires by law. For industrial businesses, these measures are particularly stringent and must be followed closely. If you do not do so, then you can incur some heavy penalties.

Further, in case a fire breaks out and someone dies tragically, their family members can sue you. This all seems very unnecessary when you can simply get the right fire detection systems and fire suppression systems. Let’s have a look at some of these fire protection systems for you to think about:

5 Key Things All Fire Designs Must Have

  1. Fire Alarm Services

Fire alarms services are your first line of defense against fires in your office building. If you have a good fire detection system, then you can rest a little easy. As soon as it detects smoke, it will turn on the sprinklers. Of course, you need to have the right fire sprinkler installation to get the job done right.

  1. Fire Suppression Systems

Your next step in getting the right fire design involves fire suppression systems. These are standard fire protection protocols that are activated by the alarm system. Aside from sprinklers, you can also have other things like flashing fire escape lights to help evacuate the office.

  1. Fire Protection Equipment

This is the fire extinguisher service or fire hose that you have installed in your office. Make sure you have the right fire and warden training to use it. It can save your office a lot of structural fire damage if you get fire extinguisher inspections on time.

  1. Fire Hydrant Systems

This fire protection equipment is not necessary for every office. You should get this only if you have a greater chance of a fire breakout at your office than others. Still, it can be a lifesaver in a fire emergency and is worth investing in.

  1. Fire Safety Statement

Fire safety statements are very important for offices. As a proprietor, you need to have the right documents with the inspection date record on hand. This will also make sure your fire protection system is reliable and will work in case of an emergency.

Where Can You Get the Best Fire Protection Systems in Australia?

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FAQ To Ask The Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm Installation

Are you about to meet the representative of a local fire alarm service provider? Fire alarm installation is one of the safest ways to protect a home, office or any business. Although we are aware of the function of fire alarms when a fire strikes, it’s still best to come up with a list of questions during the private consultation with a fire protection expert. Below are frequently asked questions that will help us learn more about the fire alarm system.

Question #1 – Do fire alarms have expiration date?

If this is your first time to install fire alarms one of the concerns about these fire protection system devices is their life expectancy. Do they have an expiration date? According to the representative of fire alarm services top quality fire alarms will last for approximately 8 to 10 years. This is indeed worth as an investment if you will calculate the number of years your house, office or business will have been forewarned against fire.

Question #2 – Do I need to conduct regular fire alarm testing?

The general practice to ensure the fire alarms are functioning well is to do regular testing. It’s a common practice in most states to comply with fire code protection on the fire protection system and that includes fire alarms to be checked annually for performance.

Question #3 – Do I still need fire sprinklers if fire alarms are already installed?

Yes, because an effective fire protection system must have both fire alarms and fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers based on the recommendation of the fire protection services will help control the fire and give the occupants enough time to find the emergency exits.

Question #4 – Is there a difference between a conventional fire alarm and the addressable fire alarm system?

If you will compare them both with pricing, then, the conventional fire alarm system is a lot cheaper to install according to the fire alarm service representative. However, if you assess which type of fire alarm system is more efficient in detecting fire at a specific area, the addressable fire alarm system can provide this functionality. The conventional can’t accurately tell which particular area is under fire alarm. So, if you have a large facility like a factory the appropriate fire alarm system is the addressable fire alarm.

Do you need further assistance for your home, office or business fire protection system installation in Australia? If yes, contact the fire protection services representative of Prime Fire Protection.

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