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What Precautions Should Property Owners Take to Keep Their Water-Based Fire Systems Functional in Cold Weather?

Residential and commercial property owners need to keep their buildings safe from a wide range of threats and calamities. These structures will need to be resilient enough to cope with natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones etc. In addition, they should be strong enough to withstand damage from accidental incidents such as fire. Builders often take various measures at the design and construction stage itself to ensure that the structure will not collapse during an earthquake. Similarly, they will implement various measures to ensure that the structure can withstand incidents of fire.

To prevent the spread of fire, property owners will typically install various fire alarm and sprinkler systems throughout the building. However, merely installing these devices and systems alone will not be enough. You will need to inspect and maintain them regularly too. Only then will you be able to find these instruments and systems working as designed in times when you need them the most.


Providers of fire alarm services in the country typically offer fire protection services too. As part of their services, these entities do not only offer systems and packages designed to control or put out fires. They also undertake to maintain all fire safety equipment installed in the building. Naturally, the upkeep these devices and systems need will depend to an extent on the weather conditions. For instance, water sprinkler systems remain among the top firefighting systems used across Australia. These systems can function well in summers and in areas experiencing moderate temperature levels. However, in colder conditions, these systems might not work as well.

This can be so especially in areas that experience icy climates and subzero temperatures. In such conditions, pipes can freeze over, making the system ineffective. Therefore, property owners in these areas will need to capitalise on dry pipe systems that can be ideal for firefighting in cold weather areas. At the same time, these individuals will also need to take certain measures to keep their water-filled fire protection equipment in good working condition.


Some of these measures could typically include:


  • Ensuring that all ambient heaters used for the fire protection equipment remain functional
  • Testing the fire equipment after turning the heating system on
  • Inspecting the integrity of the piping and equipment insulation
  • Checking the condition and functionality of the air dryers in the dry pipe, deluge pilot systems etc.
  • Checking the anti-freeze solution levels in the anti-freeze sprinkler systems
  • Ensuring that the drip drains on the hydrants, valve trims etc. evacuate water from the system perfectly
  • Installing low temperature alarms in locations that often experience subzero temperatures and,
  • Formulating plans and strategies for minimising downtime in the event of failure of the fire sprinkler and fire detection systems in your Sydney property


Naturally, not all property owners will have the bandwidth for managing these details on their own. In this scenario, associating with a reputed provider of fire protection services can be ideal. These professionals will keep your fire safety and protection equipment in prime condition. By doing so, they will be able to provide you peace of mind as well.

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