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3 Fire Protection Equipment That Can Save Your Business In Emergency

Fire protection systems are critical to the fire safety rating of your office. If you have employees in there, then you need these pieces of Fire protection equipment even more. Improper fire safety equipment can malfunction when they are meant to work.

This can leave your office personnel and indoors property at risk of serious fire damage. So, you need periodic maintenance after getting the right fire protection systems in place. Here are 3 fire suppression systems which you should have in your office:

3 Essential Fire Protection Systems for Your Office

  1. Fire Pump Service

Fire pump services are very crucial for businesses that are at risk of large fire breakouts. Good examples are car garages, parking lots of multi-storey buildings, and industrial warehouses. Offices with a dated fire safety system can benefit from this as well. However, the fire pump service must be reliable and inspected periodically to work. Ideally, you should test out the pump after

  1. Fire Sprinkler Services

Fire sprinkler services are another key element of high-quality fire protection systems. They are usually put in place right at the time of fire system installation. Fire sprinkler installation should be done by a trusted company like Prime Fire, and they should be replaced after their standard service period. This will help keep your offices ready for a fire breakout. Also, make sure that the fire alarm systems are synced up correctly with the sprinklers.

  1. Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire hydrant systems are somewhat dated in today’s context. However, they can provide unparalleled fire suppression ability in case a fire breaks out. If your office is at risk of a large fire, then you should have fire hydrant systems in place. Also, you should get fire and warden training for your employees. This will ensure your personnel can address a fire breakout appropriately using the fire safety equipment at hand.

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7 Steps to Creating the Right Fire Designs for Your Commercial Property

Fire designs can be lifesavers for your property. You can have the right fire protection systems in place for a relatively easy price if you plan it right. Here are 7 factors to consider when making your commercial property fire designs.

7 Steps for the Perfect Office Fire Designs

  1. Space Measurements

Your office space will determine how many sprinklers and fire extinguishers you need. Your fire protection will be based on these factors. So, measure your space and consult a professional on which systems will cover it best.

  1. Worker Estimates

Your employee count also defines your ideal fire designs. Take into account how many as well as any health conditions which may impact their swift evacuation. This will greatly minimize any chance of loss of life.

  1. Materials

The specific business process at work is a huge consideration. If you are handling easily flammable materials, then you need more fire protection system. If you only have standard service equipment like computers and other electronic devices, then you have a basic setup.

  1. Laws

Your office space needs to comply with the relevant governing laws. Make sure you get the right legal counsel and understand your liabilities. Your fire protection system and maintenance like fire extinguisher inspection should comply with that.

  1. Installation and Maintenance

When you have figured out the specifics of your ideal fire design, get the money together. The best thing to do is to shoot a little above the right amount. This will ensure that you get the system you need to protect your building the right way.

  1. Training

Fire and warden training is very important since people need to know how to use the right equipment. Having designated roles in case of fire emergencies will make the process smoother while keeping everyone calm. You should hire a good company for this job.

  1. Support Structures

Fire escapes are a very important addition to multi-storey buildings. They can be a major lifesaver during large fires. You will see them installed by law in many cases. Make sure the floor plan and other particulars are known to everyone so they can use it when needed.

Where Can You Get the Most Reliable Fire Protection Equipment in Sydney?

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Why You Should Hire A Credible Fire Protection Installation Company?

Fire protection installation is a basic necessity in any residential or commercial space. With an efficient fire protection system, the safety of your occupants including the contents inside is not put to greater risk when a destructive fire occurs. Below are some of the reasons why hiring a fire protection installation company is a wise decision.

Reason #1 – Meet fire safety standards

Hiring the services of a fire protection installation company will give you peace of mind that your residential or commercial space is compliant with fire safety standards. Keep in mind, non-compliance with fire safety could to greater financial losses or injuries. A fire protection installation company is knowledgeable of the latest fire safety standards needed in maintaining the highest level of fire safety while at the same time preventing property damages, physical injuries and fatalities.

Reason #2 – Install an efficient fire protection sprinkler system

A top performing fire protection installation company knows the best fire designs and fire protection equipment that a residential or commercial space needs. One of the required fire safety requirements is the fire sprinkler system. What is the role of fire sprinklers? Fire sprinklers will serve as the first line of fire prevention during a fire incident. This is why the fire sprinkler system must only be installed by experts in fire protection installation to ensure the fire sprinklers will function well.

Reason #3 – Equipped with the right tools and equipment

Fire protection tools and equipment are needed for a fire protection installation to become successful. Hiring a reputable fire protection company gives you the assurance that their team of fire experts is fully equipped to help them perform their jobs efficiently.

Reason #4 – Enjoy routine fire safety maintenance

Fire alarms, fire hydrants including fire sprinklers may malfunction over time. If you worry that your fire protection system will not perform efficiently when a fire strikes, then, partner your fire safety needs with a fire protection company. Why? These fire experts offer routine fire safety inspections on your fire safety plan including fire protection equipment. They will see to it that each fire protection equipment is in good condition and will perform as expected during an actual fire. A fire protection installation company has an idea which fire protection equipment (fire alarms, fire extinguisher, fire sprinklers) need maintenance, replacement or upgrade.

Reason #5 – Save lives and protect properties

Yes, this is one of the reasons why anyone should not delay hiring the services of a fire protection installation company because these experts can actually help in saving lives and protecting properties. A fire can strike anytime and lead to major destruction if not prevented. So, it really pays off if you can rely on an expert that can quickly come to the rescue when you needed it most.

Fire incidents can be truly devastating. If you want assurance that your house, commercial space or business is fire safe and protected, hire the services of a fire protection installation company. If you live in Australia and wish to outsource your fire protection services with a local provider contact now Prime Fire Protection. Their fire experts will help you choose from various fire designs the most suitable fire protection installation package for your residential or commercial space.

Why Fire Protection Plan Is Crucial To Any Workplace?


Any workplace can be exposed to destructive fire incidents that could lead to major damages including disruption of daily operation. But, the extent of fire risky factors don’t just focus on the furniture pieces and equipment. Fire can cause harm or endanger the lives of your workers. It’s mandatory for every workplace to have a fire protection plan. Why? A fire protection plan will cover the following concerns:

1.Increase fire hazards awareness

Fire protection plans don’t only include the fire designs, but the fire hazards present in any working environment. Keep in mind, a fire will need a main source in order to start a blaze. It can be a flammable material that will create a fire if heat is present. The person that can help educate your workers is a fire expert. With his or her guidance workers will be given enough information of fire hazard.


Educating workers about fire hazards isn’t enough to prevent a fire incidence. We all know that no matter how cautious the workers in their daily duties to decrease the possibility of a fire adequate training must be part of the fire protection plan. Your hired workers must be trained on how to detect fire, how to respond to it and find ways of escape. Investing of extensive fire safety training will reduce cases of injuries and fatalities.

3.Fire safe compliant

A dependable fire protection plan must also be compliant with your local fire authority requirements such as having enough fire extinguishers, installation of sprinklers or regular fire pump service and fire alarm inspection.

4.Preparedness when a fire strikes

Yes, this is one of the greatest benefits of having a fire protection plan prepare the workers for an actual fire. Of course, we don’t wish for a fire to happen, but, it will make a difference if the workers know precisely the appropriate actions to safeguard themselves and decrease damage on property.

What will happen if the workplace doesn’t have a fire protection plan?

Non-existence of a fire protection plan in any working environment could lead to a major disaster, financial losses or any of the following scenarios:

  • Physical injuries

Any workplace without a fire protection plan will increase the possibilities of workers getting burned, injured or killed.

  • Massive destruction to property

Fires can totally burn the whole building including the contents found inside its premises. This is why any structure is required to following building code, fire safety designs and be equipped with the right fire protection equipment to lessen the destruction of fire.

Who to entrust your fire protection plan?

If you want to become well informed about fire safety, fire designs or what services to avail from a fire protection company in Australia, then, better contact the representative at Prime Fire Protection. Their specialty focuses on everything about fire safety, fire prevention including services (fire extinguisher service, fire pump service and a lot more). A fire protection plan is your ticket to a safer working environment for your workers.