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Top Indicators that You Might Need to Revamp Your Commercial Fire Protection Systems Soon

Homeowners throughout the country install various types of burglar alarm systems in their homes. These systems trigger alarms when intruders attempt to break into the house. In many cases, installing these alarms used to be a ‘set and forget it’ situation. So, once you had installed the alarm system, you could rest assured about the security of your loved ones and your belongings. However, even the best alarm systems will not function perfectly with the passage of time. Wear and tear issues will inevitably arise. These issues might compromise the functionality of the alarm system. Hence, security experts urge homeowners to maintain and upgrade their home alarm systems periodically.

Similarly, owners of commercial and industrial facilities rely on fire detection systems to keep their Sydney properties safe in the event of a fire. Just like other devices and systems, fire systems age as well. Thus, updating the system by adopting the latest technology available will save you a lot of time and money. In case you’re wondering whether you need to revamp your commercial fire protection system, consider the following signs that indicate that your fire protection systems need an update. You will need to update your fire protection systems if:

  • Your Systems Have Remained the Same for Five Years or More: With advancements in technology taking place each year, new and comprehensive fire protection systems continue to emerge. These systems feature superior fire prevention technology that enhances their efficiency and reliability. Relying on dated systems could prove to be counterproductive in emergencies.

  • You Have Made Changes in Your Business or Facility: When you run a commercial or industrial facility, you will inevitably need to comply with the prescribed fire code. However, over time, you might make some changes such as moving flammable materials to another part of your facility. Or, you might produce a new line of goods that heightens the risk of damage in the event of a fire. In such situations, you will need to consider having additional levels of protection to continue complying with the fire code. For instance, you might want to carry out regular fire and warden training to ensure that your staff know how to act in case a fire breaks out. Alternatively, having a fire protection professional by your side could help you plug the gaps in your fire protection plans.

  • Your Existing Systems Malfunction Frequently: On occasions, you might find that you’re calling your fire alarm service providers more frequently to report system malfunctions. Or, you might observe that your service calls have become more routine of late. Excessive service calls could end up inflating your fire protection service bills. To eliminate such hassles, you will need to update your fire protection systems.

  • You Pay Large Sums of Money Towards Your Fire Monitoring Expenses: If you’re paying huge sums of money towards fire monitoring expenses, then you should consider replacing your existing systems. Fire experts believe that even a simple and relatively inexpensive upgrade can yield a significant amount of savings over time. For instance, opting for wireless fire alarm monitoring systems can reduce your dual landline expenses, thereby offering savings in the range of 40 to 60 percent in some cases.

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