Sprinkler Systems

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are one of the most effective and proven fire protection tools to control the spread of fire in any building. Sprinkler pump sets can boost the effectiveness of sprinklers even further by ensuring a proper water flow and pressure to the sprinkler heads. A properly working sprinkler systems can greatly minimise the damage to your building and potentially save lives.

Importance Of Testing Sprinkler Systems On Monthly Basis

In order to make sure that your sprinkler system is working in proper order and are in full compliance with the relevant building codes and safety standards of Australia (section 2 AS 1851-2012), it is necessary to get your sprinkler system inspected and tested every month by certified and qualified technicians. Monthly tests of sprinkler systems are quite affordable and ensure that your systems work reliably and flawlessly in the event of a fire emergency.

Some of the components in such a system are pressure switch, sprinkler isolation valve, pressure gauge, filter, auto test valve, tank isolation valve, flow switch, drain point, service valve and control panel, to name a few. Half-yearly tests are mainly carried out to check water flow, stop valves and electrical components, among others.

Why Choose Prime Fire To Test Your Sprinkler Pump Sets?

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