Fire safety is one of the most important aspects of any business. In the absence of right fire protection equipment, fire related accidents can happen due to any number of reasons including electrical faults, careless handling of flammable chemicals and human error , to name a few.

At Prime Fire, we offer a wide range of fire protection systems and services. We stock some of the most essential and effective products so that you can get assured safety in any emergency situation. An efficient fire design and having the right fire protection equipment in your building, go a long way in ensuring safety for you and your employees.

How To Buy Your Fire Protection Equipment?

Apart from providing adequate fire safety to your employees, proper safety equipment is also required to achieve compliance with the mandatory fire safety regulations. Top quality products and services from trusted specialists like Prime Fire can help you achieve this goal with aplomb. However, it is important to know some basic rules of fire safety in order to get the best out of your equipment. Let’s take a look:

• Get an efficient fire safety design for your building from reliable experts like Prime Fire.
• Get fire warden training and organise fire drills on regular basis.
• Consider special needs of disabled people in your organisation.
• Invest in high quality fire safety products and maintain them properly.

Prime Fire: The Leading Specialists of Fire Protection Equipment In Australia

Regardless of the business you operate, at Prime Fire, you’ll find a huge selection of fire protection systems, including fire alarms, fire detection systems, fire extinguishers, and C systems, wet and dry sprinkler systems and so on.

At Prime Fire, we believe that it is very crucial for businesses to fully comply with the mandatory fire safety regulations and have the most effective fire protection equipment in their buildings.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our extensive selection of fire safety products and pick the best ones for your needs. For any assistance, please feel free to contact our experts on 1300 821 911!