Mimic Panel

Having an effective testing program for all your fire detection systems including mimic panel, is important to ensure that your systems perform at their optimum level whenever any emergency situation occurs.

At Prime Fire, we can help you ensure that your mimic panel and other fire protection systems are always in proper working order with our carefully designed monthly, half-yearly and annual tests and maintenance services.

What Is A Mimic Panel?

A Mimic panel is essentially an advanced fire alarm control panel. Also known as slave panel, a mimic board copies the information from the main fire alarm panel and makes it available on all other parts of the building. These panels can be configured for a number of triggers such as fires, electrical faults, fire equipment failures and routing issues and so on. Most of these panels come with installer software for ease of installation.

Why Choose Prime Fire For Your Mimic Panel Testing?

At Prime Fire, we specialise in a comprehensive range of fire protection and maintenance services. You’ll get everything under one roof and at a more cost-effective price than ordinary fire services providers in Australia.

Our fully trained and certified technicians will inspect and test your mimic panels and other fire detection systems and make sure these systems are capable of reducing any fire risk that your business is susceptible to.

In all our testing procedures, we keep detailed testing records which you can easily access for timely maintenance. We can also help you prepare annual fire safety statement for your local councils.

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