Prime Fire offers a diverse range of fire protection services to protect you and your assets. At Prime Fire, we design, supply, install and maintain a huge range of fire protection systems in all types and classifications of buildings throughout Australia.

Established In 2008, Prime Fire Currently Provide Services For:

Fire System Maintenance
 o Monthly Testing
 o 6 monthly testing
 o All periodical testing
 o Annual Test
 o Certification
• Installations
• Sales
• Fire Systems Designs
• Fire Warden Training

At Prime Fire, Our Fire Protection Services Are Designed To:

• Boost the fire safety levels in your business with services such as fire alarm services, fire extinguisher, inspection and fire sprinkler services, among others. Minimising the risks and hazards in the event of an emergency situation.
• Ensure that your business is fully compliant with all the fire safety regulations.
• Provide you with the highest quality fire protection equipment and services at a cost-effective price.
• Maintain your fire protection equipment to improve its lifespan and efficiency.
• Assist our clients with the best advice and quality service in a timely manner.

Why Choose Prime Fire?

No matter in which industry you operate, fire safety is an important aspect for your business. Below are some of the reasons why clients love our services:

• A comprehensive range of fire alarm services, fire extinguisher inspections, fire extinguisher services and fire sprinkler services for a complete peace of mind
• A fully qualified and trained team of professionals to perform installations, repairs and servicing of your fire protection equipment.
• Fire warden training courses to achieve compliance with fire safety regulations for your business.
• Monthly, half-yearly and annual fire safety tests carried out by our experienced experts. A fire safety statement is prepared that can help you satisfy all the fire safety requirements for your establishment.

Get In Touch With Prime Fire Now!

To know more about our services and how do we help our clients improve fire safety levels in their organisations; get in touch with our experts at Prime Fire or call one of our professionals at 1300 821 911 today to discuss your project or to get a quote.