Passive Fire & Smoke Systems

Fire Doors, Passive Fire & Smoke Fire Protection Systems

This Section sets out requirements for the routine servicing (inspection, testing and preventive maintenance) of Passive Fire & Smoke Systems comprising vertical and horizontal fire and smoke compartment barriers together with any openings, fire doors and fire shutters, or any service penetrations and control joints.

The basis of inspection, test and routine servicing of compartment integrity is to identify the respective vertical and horizontal barriers and their respective fire-resistance level Fire Resistance Level (FRL) or smoke requirements and to ensure all openings or service penetrations and control joints in these barriers do not compromise the performance of the fire and smoke compartmentalization.

Our experienced technicians at Prime Fire have been trained and certified at inspecting Fire Doors, Passive Fire and Smoke Systems to make sure that the systems are damage-free, perform at their best capacity and operate without any hindrance. Passive fire and smoke systems shall be subjected to routine service in accordance with this Australian Standards 1851 and Australian Standard 1905 Australian Standards 4145

All passive fire and smoke systems shall be inspected and tested on a yearly basis except for:

  • fire doors and smoke doors (on a six-monthly basis)
  • sliding fire doors (on a three-monthly basis)

Hinged and pivoted fire-resistant door sets serving as entry doors to private residential apartments may be extended to a yearly service schedule.

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