Jacking Pump Sets

A jacking pump set is a wonderful tool to boost the water pressure and maintain the right water flow whenever required. Electrically driven jacking pump sets are extremely effective in optimising water pressure in fire hose reels during a fire emergency. According to AS2941 standards for fire protection systems, jacking pump sets must be inspected and tested monthly by qualified technicians.

How A Monthly Test For Jacking Pump Sets Is Conducted?

Monthly tests are carried out to inspect several parameters such as readings for discharge pressure gauge and system suction, any unusual vibrations or noise, overheating issues in pump casing or bearings and starting pressure and so on. A monthly test for jacking pump sets ensures that they always perform at their optimal capacity and can actually save lives and reduce property damage during a fire emergency.

Who Can Perform Tests For Jacking Pump Sets?

As per Australian safety standards, monthly tests for jacking pump sets and fire protection systems must be performed by certified and qualified professionals. That’s why most successful companies rely on trusted specialists like Prime Fire to carry out their testing and maintenance processes.

How Prime Fire Can Help?

Qualified and experienced technicians at Prime Fire can guide you on inspection, maintenance and testing requirements for all the fire protection systems, including jacking pump sets, installed in your building. They will make sure that all your fire protection and fire detection systems are properly tested and maintained.

To know more about our installation and maintenance services for fire protection systems or how to optimize your fire safety processes, visit Prime Fire or get in touch with our experts at 1300 821 911 today!