Interfacing Of Systems

Systems Interface Testing

Where fire protection systems are interfaced to other systems, ‘end-to-end’ tests shall be conducted to confirm that each interface operates in accordance with the approved design.

Australian Standard 1851 Appendix D sets out the recommended procedures for the concurrent ‘end-to-end’ test of the System Interfaces, this is to confirm that they operate in accordance with the approved design and specification.

On completion of the Interface Testing, Prime Fire ensure that each control is returned to the condition or state prior to the test. When any function is left impaired, is disabled or is not restored to ‘normal’, our technicians record the information in the system logbook and the owner or agent should be notified.

It is important and a requirement Australian Standards 1851, that your Interface Testing is conducted annually to ensure that the system is in good working order when they are needed in the event of an emergency.

Our experienced technicians at Prime Fire have been trained and certified for Interface Testing to make sure that the systems are damage-free, perform at their system design requirements and operate with conformity.

Below Is A List, But Not Limited To Interface Testing  That We Conduct And Specialise At Prime Fire:

  • Emergency warning system interface test
  • Sprinkler/deluge system interface test
  • Fire fan control panel interface test
  • Fire detection system interface test
  • Smoke alarm and heat alarm system interface test
  • Special hazard system interface test

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