Fire Hydrant Systems

Prime Fire complies with all the requirements for the routine servicing (inspection, testing, preventive maintenance and survey) of fire hydrant installations together with fire mains, fire brigade booster assemblies and other associated equipment.

Routine service of hydrant systems shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standards 1851 hydrant systems.The frequency of routine servicing of hydrants shall be in accordance with Clause 4.4 Australian Standards 1851 and the following:

  • Monthly (pump-related inspection and test items only)
  • Six-monthly
  • Yearly
  • Five-yearly

Our experienced technicians at Prime Fire have been trained and certified at inspecting hydrant systems to make sure that the systems are damage-free, perform at their best capacity and operate without any hindrance.

Lastly, testing of hydrant systems can help you achieve full compliance with the building regulations, codes and safety standards.

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