Hydrant & Sprinkler Flow Test

Flow Testing

A Flow Test is a way to measure the water supply available at your premises, usually for the purposes of installing and maintaining a water-based fire protection system. Flow testing of your fire system is also to confirm that the required minimum total flow rate can be achieved.

The most common test involves measuring the flow of water flowing out of a Fire Hydrant or Sprinkler Valve, while recording how much the water pressure has dropped. Flow Tests must be conducted on a yearly basis or when otherwise required to ensure that the system will operate as needed to protect the property and people in the event of a fire.

Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Systems form part of a building’s essential safety measures. It is important and a requirement with in Australian Standards, that your Flow Testing is conducted to ensure that the system is in good working order when they are needed. Our experienced technicians at Prime Fire have been trained and certified for Flow Testing to make sure that the systems are damage-free, perform at their system design requirements and operate with conformity.

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