Monthly Testing Of : Sprinkler & Hydrant Pump Sets

Fire Pump Sets

Fire pump sets are an extremely effective fire protection device used to deliver high pressure water to help control and extinguish the fire in the event of an emergency. A fire pumpset will boost and attain optimum water pressure and supply. Your fire pump will start when the water pressure in your fire system drops below the required threshold.

Why Is It Important To Test Your Hydrant Pumps On Monthly Basis?

A fire pump is an essential part of a fire systems water supply and usually is powered by diesel, electric or both. The pump intake is either connected to towns main water supply or a tank on site. As per AS1851 – 2012 Australian safety standards, it’s mandatory to get both diesel and electric fire pump sets inspected every month. Monthly maintenance makes sure that the pumps will work when you need them. Moreover, these cost-effective tests can also prevent expensive repairs in the long run.

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