Fire Panels

Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Monthly tests for fire detection and alarm systems can help you make sure that your fire detection system is fully operational during any fire emergency. Conducted by experienced technicians, fire panel testing is a simple and quick procedure. At Prime Fire, fire panel tests are carried out by highly experienced and fully certified technicians in accordance with all the Australian safety standards.

Importance Of Monthly Fire Panel Testing

A fire panel is an integral part of fire protection system of the entire building. It is a core safety device that is used to identify any unsafe areas in the building. Monthly fire panel testing is also essential to achieve compliance standards. During a fire inspection, relevant government bodies or insurance companies may require the proof of a fully operational fire panel system. Records of fire panel testing performed by certified professionals can be used as evidence in this regard.

Fire Panels Test: An Overview

Like all our fire protection services, the fire panel tests are designed as required by Australian Standards. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are maintained in accordance with 1851:2012 section 6. After all required testing is conducted our technicians will record the results in your logbook. Our experts also advise clients on the best practices to maintain a logbook. These include – recording date and time of alarms, type of defects and how they’re fixed, dates of tests, maintenance and servicing etc.

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