EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System), is one of the most important components of any effective fire detection and protection strategy. This highly intricate fire detection system is often used in large buildings and plays a vital role in controlled and safe evacuations during an emergency situation.

How EWIS works?

The EWIS system gets into action once the fire alarm triggers an alarm.  In combination with Building Occupant Warning System (BOWS), EWIS system delivers evacuation instructions to the occupants. Generally, the main fire warden controls the EWIS systems and makes sure that all the instructions are carried out properly.

Importance Of Monthly EWIS Testing

EWIS needs to be tested monthly, half-yearly and annually in accordance to the relevant fire safety regulations in Australia. These tests must be carried out by certified and qualified technicians.  Monthly EWIS testing requires some specialized tools including impedance meter, sound pressure level meter, multimeter, two way radios, insulated pliers and screw drivers, among others.

Why Choose Prime Fire For Your EWIS Testing?

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