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3 Fire Protection Equipment That Can Save Your Business In Emergency

Fire protection systems are critical to the fire safety rating of your office. If you have employees in there, then you need these pieces of Fire protection equipment even more. Improper fire safety equipment can malfunction when they are meant to work.

This can leave your office personnel and indoors property at risk of serious fire damage. So, you need periodic maintenance after getting the right fire protection systems in place. Here are 3 fire suppression systems which you should have in your office:

3 Essential Fire Protection Systems for Your Office

  1. Fire Pump Service

Fire pump services are very crucial for businesses that are at risk of large fire breakouts. Good examples are car garages, parking lots of multi-storey buildings, and industrial warehouses. Offices with a dated fire safety system can benefit from this as well. However, the fire pump service must be reliable and inspected periodically to work. Ideally, you should test out the pump after

  1. Fire Sprinkler Services

Fire sprinkler services are another key element of high-quality fire protection systems. They are usually put in place right at the time of fire system installation. Fire sprinkler installation should be done by a trusted company like Prime Fire, and they should be replaced after their standard service period. This will help keep your offices ready for a fire breakout. Also, make sure that the fire alarm systems are synced up correctly with the sprinklers.

  1. Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire hydrant systems are somewhat dated in today’s context. However, they can provide unparalleled fire suppression ability in case a fire breaks out. If your office is at risk of a large fire, then you should have fire hydrant systems in place. Also, you should get fire and warden training for your employees. This will ensure your personnel can address a fire breakout appropriately using the fire safety equipment at hand.

Prime Fire: The Leading Experts of Fire Protection in Sydney!

Prime fire is one of the most trusted companies for reliable fire protection systems in Sydney. We offer a wide range of fire protection systems to businesses based on their needs and fire hazard factors.

At Prime Fire, we also offer fire and warden training along with other key services like fire extinguisher inspection. We can upgrade your fire designs to meet new governing laws and office expansion needs. Visit Prime Fire and get the most advanced fire protection systems for your office from us today!

Fire Protection Sydney: 5 Essential Services You Must Get For Your Business

Fire protection systems are quite an essential part of businesses. Office spaces need to have certain measures against fires by law. For industrial businesses, these measures are particularly stringent and must be followed closely. If you do not do so, then you can incur some heavy penalties.

Further, in case a fire breaks out and someone dies tragically, their family members can sue you. This all seems very unnecessary when you can simply get the right fire detection systems and fire suppression systems. Let’s have a look at some of these fire protection systems for you to think about:

5 Key Things All Fire Designs Must Have

  1. Fire Alarm Services

Fire alarms services are your first line of defense against fires in your office building. If you have a good fire detection system, then you can rest a little easy. As soon as it detects smoke, it will turn on the sprinklers. Of course, you need to have the right fire sprinkler installation to get the job done right.

  1. Fire Suppression Systems

Your next step in getting the right fire design involves fire suppression systems. These are standard fire protection protocols that are activated by the alarm system. Aside from sprinklers, you can also have other things like flashing fire escape lights to help evacuate the office.

  1. Fire Protection Equipment

This is the fire extinguisher service or fire hose that you have installed in your office. Make sure you have the right fire and warden training to use it. It can save your office a lot of structural fire damage if you get fire extinguisher inspections on time.

  1. Fire Hydrant Systems

This fire protection equipment is not necessary for every office. You should get this only if you have a greater chance of a fire breakout at your office than others. Still, it can be a lifesaver in a fire emergency and is worth investing in.

  1. Fire Safety Statement

Fire safety statements are very important for offices. As a proprietor, you need to have the right documents with the inspection date record on hand. This will also make sure your fire protection system is reliable and will work in case of an emergency.

Where Can You Get the Best Fire Protection Systems in Australia?

Prime Fire is one of the most reputable and reliable companies for fire protection systems in Sydney. We can give your office a complete fire protection at the right price. Contact us now!

7 Steps to Creating the Right Fire Designs for Your Commercial Property

Fire designs can be lifesavers for your property. You can have the right fire protection systems in place for a relatively easy price if you plan it right. Here are 7 factors to consider when making your commercial property fire designs.

7 Steps for the Perfect Office Fire Designs

  1. Space Measurements

Your office space will determine how many sprinklers and fire extinguishers you need. Your fire protection will be based on these factors. So, measure your space and consult a professional on which systems will cover it best.

  1. Worker Estimates

Your employee count also defines your ideal fire designs. Take into account how many as well as any health conditions which may impact their swift evacuation. This will greatly minimize any chance of loss of life.

  1. Materials

The specific business process at work is a huge consideration. If you are handling easily flammable materials, then you need more fire protection system. If you only have standard service equipment like computers and other electronic devices, then you have a basic setup.

  1. Laws

Your office space needs to comply with the relevant governing laws. Make sure you get the right legal counsel and understand your liabilities. Your fire protection system and maintenance like fire extinguisher inspection should comply with that.

  1. Installation and Maintenance

When you have figured out the specifics of your ideal fire design, get the money together. The best thing to do is to shoot a little above the right amount. This will ensure that you get the system you need to protect your building the right way.

  1. Training

Fire and warden training is very important since people need to know how to use the right equipment. Having designated roles in case of fire emergencies will make the process smoother while keeping everyone calm. You should hire a good company for this job.

  1. Support Structures

Fire escapes are a very important addition to multi-storey buildings. They can be a major lifesaver during large fires. You will see them installed by law in many cases. Make sure the floor plan and other particulars are known to everyone so they can use it when needed.

Where Can You Get the Most Reliable Fire Protection Equipment in Sydney?

Prime Fire is one of the leading fire design companies in Australia. We offer fire alarm services, fire detection systems, fire extinguisher inspection, fire and warden training and many other key services. Visit Prime Fire Protection Today !

3 Reasons Why Fire Protection Is Important For Your Business





Fires are among the leading causes of building collapse and hazards to life. Fortunately, our knowledge of fire protection in structures has increased significantly over time. Now, there are almost flawless fire designs as well as much improved fire safety laws and regulations. The Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia has made it mandatory for businesses to follow proper fire safety protocols everywhere. If you are renting an office or building one, getting fire protection consultation is a good move. Here are some benefits you get from it.

The Most Important Benefits of Fire Protection for Commercial Buildings

  1. Structural Safety

Structural safety is very crucial for buildings. Whether you have a home or an office, you need to protect it from fire damage. Improper fire designs can result in massive damage to your foundations. Quality fire protection systems can ensure any accidental fires will not ravage your building. They can also detect fires early and help inhabitants get to safety. Naturally, your will face fewer losses in this way. If you own a company, you will face far fewer legal liabilities if you have a fire detection system.

  1. Emergency Evacuation

All Australian builders must plan with emergency evacuation in mind. For fires, this is mostly a fire -resistant evacuation ladders, fire hoses and sprinklers. This is required by law. Fires can really endanger anyone inside buildings. Smoke detectors and sprinklers can help reduce the life risk. In fact, larger office premises including multistorey must include fire and warden training by law. This really helps to benefit from the established fire safety protocols and evacuation plans. As a result, there is a far less likelihood of loss of life.

  1. Insurance

Most property insurance companies require fire protection system before insuring. Since this is required by law, you cannot get your insurance value in the event of a fire. This will obviously damage your finances since you might need to rebuild or renovate your home or office. You need to have fire designs, fire alarm services and other fire protection equipment like smoke detectors.

Looking For Top Quality Fire Protection Systems? Contact Prime Fire!

Prime Fire protection is one of the leading fire protection companies in Australia. We offer high-quality fire designs by keeping in mind the architecture of your building and all other key factors. We provide consultations as well as all essential fire protection equipment you need. All our fire inspectors and consultants hold the relevant licenses and can help you secure approvals quickly. Visit Prime Fire and get the most advanced fire detection systems from us now!

Fire Designs Sydney: Is Code Compliance Enough?

fire protection
fire protection

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their commercial or industrial facilities meet the fire safety requirements and standards set by the government. In addition, they also need to meet other requirements like building codes, insurance company requirements and others. With all these in place, you’d think that you’ve got everything covered. However, will complying with these codes and standards be enough?

In general, code compliance should be enough to allow you to obtain the required licenses and permits. However, there will be instances when extra steps may be necessary to enhance overall fire safety in your facility. These extra steps can be achieved by working with experts in fire designs in Sydney.

Most fire designs will be implemented during the construction phase. At this point, it is important to consult with a fire design expert to ensure that you get everything done right from the beginning. For those who have older facilities, a replacement or an upgrade to their existing fire design is often the only solution. In such circumstances, one must still make sure that renovations, retrofits or any upgrades are still within the requirements and standards set by the government.

But whether it’s the construction phase or an upgrade, property owners must also bear other considerations in mind aside from those that are set by the authorities. They should think about business-related activities and goals that may not be met with their old fire safety design.

For instance, will the new or upgraded fire design provide better fire prevention measures? Will it result to fewer false alarms? What about maintenance? Will it be easier to maintain than the old system? IF the answers to these questions are yes, then the upgrade is more than worth it.

Another important factor is scalability. Property owners will also need to think about the future of their business and how the fire design will fit into the big picture. For instance, will the design still be relevant after the facility undergoes various upgrades and renovations?

Codes and standards set by the authorities’ hope to address the general issues concerning fire hazards in the workplace. However, they cannot possibly anticipate and address every fire hazard that may arise. That said, it is always better to go above and beyond code compliance. This is especially true for businesses in unique industries and businesses operating in unique environments.

If you are still in the construction phase of your property or are planning an upgrade to your existing fire designs and detection system, consider enlisting the help of professionals from Prime Fire. Our experts can provide you with fully customized solution that will suit your unique needs. Call us up at 1300 590 510 or leave a message in contact page for more information about our services.

Fire Extinguisher Service: Recharging Your Fire Extinguishers


Keeping your fire extinguishers properly charged or pressurized is a crucial part of owning a fire extinguisher. Otherwise, it may not work as intended when a fire emergency occurs. There are quite a few things that need to be considered regarding this matter, most of which will be outlined below. Some of these may be pretty obvious, but there are others which may not be so evident.

After Use

Accordingly, fire extinguishers that have been used needs to be recharged immediately. This is true even if the amount used was only minimal. The reason behind this is because even the smallest discharge can result in leakage. Eventually, this will cause the pressure to drop which in turn will negatively impact the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher.

Six and Twelve Years after Manufacturing

Some fire extinguishers can go up to more than a decade without being used. This can lead many people to forget about their fire extinguishers, and believe that it should still be in perfect working condition since it hasn’t been used yet. High quality fire extinguishers can go for years without being used and still be in tip top shape. However, it is still recommended that they be checked after six and twelve years after the date of manufacture. These dates will often be indicated on the fire extinguisher’s label; if not, you can check the manufacturing date manually compute for the dates.

Other Considerations

Fire extinguishers also need to inspected and recharged if they show any signs of damage or deficiencies. These include low-pressure reading, broken or missing safety seals, corrosion, leakage, and others. There are some issues that may be difficult to detect at first glance (e.g. clogged nozzle) which is why having your fire extinguisher inspected regularly by a professional offering fire extinguisher service.

Fire extinguishers can be a great first line of defense against fire breakouts. It allows you to stop a small fire from getting bigger, and thus prevent a larger catastrophe from happening. However, this can only be true your fire extinguisher is in good working condition whenever you need it. That said, make it a point to have your fire extinguisher inspected and recharged regularly.

To ensure that your fire extinguisher is in good working condition and meets all the government requirements and standards, make sure that you have them inspected and recharged by professional fire protection companies like Prime Fire. We have the expertise and tools necessary to conduct inspections and provide proper maintenance services. Call us up at 1300 590 510 or leave a message in contact page for more information about our services.



fire alarm services sydney

Different Features to Look for in a Fire Detection System

fire alarm services sydney


Choosing a fire detection system and fire prevention system can seem daunting for many people. These systems sport different features, all of which can be rather confusing at first glance. To make things simpler, here are some of these features along with a brief explanation for each. Knowing these can help you make a more informed choice about which system will suit your needs best.


The most basic fire detection system will always include an alert system in case of a fire. There are different types of alerts and alarms. Commonly this will be in the form of a loud noise, flashing lights or even a prerecorded announcement. Some fire alarm systems can also make use of a combination of all these alert systems.


All fire alarm and detection systems are equipped with some form of sensor which activates the system when a fire breaks out. Some systems make use of heat sensors, while others only incorporate smoke detectors. Whatever type of sensor you choose, make sure that it is suited for the type of environment where it will be installed.

Fire Mitigation

Fire alarm systems can also be fitted with fire mitigation features. The most common of these is the fire sprinkler. Automatic sprinklers are one of the best fire mitigation features available as it releases water immediately as soon as the system detects a fire breakout. However, sprinkler systems are double-edged swords. Sure it is helpful in putting out fires, but it can also cause water damage to goods in storage areas. It can also damage electronic goods and machines.

Communication Alerts

More modern fire alarm systems incorporate a communication system that sends distress signals to the fire department in case of a fire breakout. This can be really helpful as it alerts authorities to the emergency when the people inside the building are too focused on finding the exits or safety and forget to call the authorities in their panic. This is also helpful d0uring nighttime emergencies when the building is closed and there is no one to report it.

These are just some of the features you need to consider for your fire protection system. If you’re having trouble with choosing which features to choose, our experts here at Prime Fire can help you out. We can help you choose fire systems that satisfy the fire safety standards set by the authorities. We can also help with the installation of fire detection system to enhance the overall safety of your workplace. Call us up at 1300 590 510 or you can also leave a message in contact page.


Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm Services: How Often Should You Have Your Fire Alarm Systems Serviced?

Fire Alarm Services

Fire alarms are essential part of your overall workplace safety. They can alert you to fire that is just starting so you can put them out right away and prevent them from getting bigger. Some fire alarms are also incorporated with a sprinklers that douse fires immediately when activated. However, fire alarms are only effective when they work as intended. And to ensure that they do, you’ll want to make sure that you have them inspected and serviced regularly.

Although most people are already aware of the need to have their fire alarm systems service, they’re often confused as to how often then should do it. One reason for this is that the answer isn’t always as clear cut as one expects it to be.

How Often Should You Have Your Fire Alarm Systems Serviced?

The answer to this particular question will depend on several factors.

For instance, local regulations in some places do not mention a specific number or frequency. They simply state that businesses have the responsibility to ensure that their fire alarms are adequately maintained. As such, many businesses take this to mean that it should be done at least once a year while renewing their permits or licenses.

On the other hand, other local regulations will require the inspection and maintenance be done biannually. Others will require doing so on a quarterly basis. It may even become more frequent for businesses with large properties and more complex fire alarm systems.

Whether you do it annually, biannually, or quarterly, you’ll want to make sure that the inspection and servicing of your fire alarm systems are carried out by a professional. This will ensure that no stone has been left unturned during the process. This in turn gives you a more reliable fire alarm system that will work as intended when the need arises.

Have Your Fire Alarm Systems Serviced by the Pros

Prime Fire is one of the country’s leading and most trusted fire services provider for over a decade now. We offer a range of fires safety solutions including fire alarm services, fire sprinkler services, fire systems inspections and others. With a host of fires systems services and equipment, we provide customers with a one-stop shop for reliable and expert fire safety solutions. So if you have any concerns regarding your fire alarm systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us at 1300 590 510 or you can also leave a message in contact page.


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Fire and Warden Training Can Save Your Employees and Business

Businesses know and understand the importance of fire safety in their offices, establishments, and storage facilities. This is why they have fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and other fire detection and mitigation systems installed. However, many of them often forget about one of the most important aspects of fire safety: their employees. After all, what’s the point of having fire extinguishers if your staff doesn’t know how to operate one or having an emergency exit plan if your employees don’t know how to read it?

This is why it is important to enlist the help of professional instructors to help teach and train your employees. During such classes, your employees will be taught about the different types of fire extinguishers and how to use one to douse a fire. They will also be taught about the different fire safety protocols (e.g. identifying the safest route out, what do when trapped, etc.) so they can keep themselves safe during a fire incident.

When employees know what to do during fire emergencies, you can be sure that injuries and damages will be reduced. They will be able to douse fires right away before it spreads and causes further damage to your establishment. Injuries caused by panic, stampedes, and being trapped will also be reduced (if not eliminated) since employees can now approach the situation logically and with a clear head.

Besides, regulating agencies require businesses to have their people undergo fire and warden training on a regular basis. This makes the training mandatory for all staff and employees. The regulations may vary from place to place or even change from time to time. It may require a simple education on the use of a fire extinguisher or a more complex education about basic first aid for burns and fire-related injuries. In any case, employers should have their people undergo such training whether it is required by law or not.

Fire Safety Training from Professionals

Many employers often wonder if it is really necessary to hire a professional to teach and train their employees about fire safety protocols especially when there are tons of handouts and even how-to videos available online. This may sound like a valid excuse, but there are certain benefits to hiring a professional for this particular task.

For instance, it makes the learning much more engaging and interactive. This in turn will make it easier for the employees to retain information and apply them when needed. It also gives employees the opportunity to ask questions and clarifications. This practice further solidifies information on the employees’ memories.

That said, fire safety training is essential to ensure that your staff can act accordingly in case of fire emergencies. With the proper training, they can help to reduce the number of injuries and amount of damages in your workplace in the event of a fire emergency.

For more information, contact us at Prime Fire Protection today.



Top Indicators that You Might Need to Revamp Your Commercial Fire Protection Systems Soon

Homeowners throughout the country install various types of burglar alarm systems in their homes. These systems trigger alarms when intruders attempt to break into the house. In many cases, installing these alarms used to be a ‘set and forget it’ situation. So, once you had installed the alarm system, you could rest assured about the security of your loved ones and your belongings. However, even the best alarm systems will not function perfectly with the passage of time. Wear and tear issues will inevitably arise. These issues might compromise the functionality of the alarm system. Hence, security experts urge homeowners to maintain and upgrade their home alarm systems periodically.

Similarly, owners of commercial and industrial facilities rely on fire detection systems to keep their Sydney properties safe in the event of a fire. Just like other devices and systems, fire systems age as well. Thus, updating the system by adopting the latest technology available will save you a lot of time and money. In case you’re wondering whether you need to revamp your commercial fire protection system, consider the following signs that indicate that your fire protection systems need an update. You will need to update your fire protection systems if:

  • Your Systems Have Remained the Same for Five Years or More: With advancements in technology taking place each year, new and comprehensive fire protection systems continue to emerge. These systems feature superior fire prevention technology that enhances their efficiency and reliability. Relying on dated systems could prove to be counterproductive in emergencies.

  • You Have Made Changes in Your Business or Facility: When you run a commercial or industrial facility, you will inevitably need to comply with the prescribed fire code. However, over time, you might make some changes such as moving flammable materials to another part of your facility. Or, you might produce a new line of goods that heightens the risk of damage in the event of a fire. In such situations, you will need to consider having additional levels of protection to continue complying with the fire code. For instance, you might want to carry out regular fire and warden training to ensure that your staff know how to act in case a fire breaks out. Alternatively, having a fire protection professional by your side could help you plug the gaps in your fire protection plans.

  • Your Existing Systems Malfunction Frequently: On occasions, you might find that you’re calling your fire alarm service providers more frequently to report system malfunctions. Or, you might observe that your service calls have become more routine of late. Excessive service calls could end up inflating your fire protection service bills. To eliminate such hassles, you will need to update your fire protection systems.

  • You Pay Large Sums of Money Towards Your Fire Monitoring Expenses: If you’re paying huge sums of money towards fire monitoring expenses, then you should consider replacing your existing systems. Fire experts believe that even a simple and relatively inexpensive upgrade can yield a significant amount of savings over time. For instance, opting for wireless fire alarm monitoring systems can reduce your dual landline expenses, thereby offering savings in the range of 40 to 60 percent in some cases.

For more information, contact us at Prime Fire Protection today.