BOWS (Building Occupant Warning System) is important to ensure that occupants in all levels of the building are alerted on time for a safe evacuation in the event of fire emergency.  At Prime Fire, our monthly testing services for BOWS and other fire detection systems are created in accordance with the relevant fire safety regulations of Australia. All the testing procedures are carried out by fully certified and qualified engineers using the most cutting-edge tools on monthly basis.

Importance Of BOWS Testing On Regular Basis 

According to AS1851 standards, a Building Occupant Warning System (BOWS) should be maintained and tested monthly, half-yearly and annually. Different levels of testing and inspection have their own set of requirements. At Prime Fire, we provide our clients with highly detailed reports, mentioning all the checks carried out by our engineers.

BOWS and EWIS systems work in conjunction with each other. So, monthly tests for both these systems are crucial to ensure that they work smoothly at all times. When you choose Prime Fire, you can rest assured that your BOWS and EWIS systems will work as intended with reliability and stability.

Prime Fire: The Leading Experts For EWIS And BOWS Testing

Prime Fire is one of the most trusted specialists for installation, maintenance and testing of a wide range of fire protection systems all across Australia, catering to residential, commercial and industrial establishments.  We help our clients with everything they need to make their homes and businesses safer. Our services also include safety certificates and annual fire safety statement.

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