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3 Reasons Why Fire Protection Is Important For Your Business





Fires are among the leading causes of building collapse and hazards to life. Fortunately, our knowledge of fire protection in structures has increased significantly over time. Now, there are almost flawless fire designs as well as much improved fire safety laws and regulations. The Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia has made it mandatory for businesses to follow proper fire safety protocols everywhere. If you are renting an office or building one, getting fire protection consultation is a good move. Here are some benefits you get from it.

The Most Important Benefits of Fire Protection for Commercial Buildings

  1. Structural Safety

Structural safety is very crucial for buildings. Whether you have a home or an office, you need to protect it from fire damage. Improper fire designs can result in massive damage to your foundations. Quality fire protection systems can ensure any accidental fires will not ravage your building. They can also detect fires early and help inhabitants get to safety. Naturally, your will face fewer losses in this way. If you own a company, you will face far fewer legal liabilities if you have a fire detection system.

  1. Emergency Evacuation

All Australian builders must plan with emergency evacuation in mind. For fires, this is mostly a fire -resistant evacuation ladders, fire hoses and sprinklers. This is required by law. Fires can really endanger anyone inside buildings. Smoke detectors and sprinklers can help reduce the life risk. In fact, larger office premises including multistorey must include fire and warden training by law. This really helps to benefit from the established fire safety protocols and evacuation plans. As a result, there is a far less likelihood of loss of life.

  1. Insurance

Most property insurance companies require fire protection system before insuring. Since this is required by law, you cannot get your insurance value in the event of a fire. This will obviously damage your finances since you might need to rebuild or renovate your home or office. You need to have fire designs, fire alarm services and other fire protection equipment like smoke detectors.

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Fire Designs Sydney: Is Code Compliance Enough?

fire protection
fire protection

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their commercial or industrial facilities meet the fire safety requirements and standards set by the government. In addition, they also need to meet other requirements like building codes, insurance company requirements and others. With all these in place, you’d think that you’ve got everything covered. However, will complying with these codes and standards be enough?

In general, code compliance should be enough to allow you to obtain the required licenses and permits. However, there will be instances when extra steps may be necessary to enhance overall fire safety in your facility. These extra steps can be achieved by working with experts in fire designs in Sydney.

Most fire designs will be implemented during the construction phase. At this point, it is important to consult with a fire design expert to ensure that you get everything done right from the beginning. For those who have older facilities, a replacement or an upgrade to their existing fire design is often the only solution. In such circumstances, one must still make sure that renovations, retrofits or any upgrades are still within the requirements and standards set by the government.

But whether it’s the construction phase or an upgrade, property owners must also bear other considerations in mind aside from those that are set by the authorities. They should think about business-related activities and goals that may not be met with their old fire safety design.

For instance, will the new or upgraded fire design provide better fire prevention measures? Will it result to fewer false alarms? What about maintenance? Will it be easier to maintain than the old system? IF the answers to these questions are yes, then the upgrade is more than worth it.

Another important factor is scalability. Property owners will also need to think about the future of their business and how the fire design will fit into the big picture. For instance, will the design still be relevant after the facility undergoes various upgrades and renovations?

Codes and standards set by the authorities’ hope to address the general issues concerning fire hazards in the workplace. However, they cannot possibly anticipate and address every fire hazard that may arise. That said, it is always better to go above and beyond code compliance. This is especially true for businesses in unique industries and businesses operating in unique environments.

If you are still in the construction phase of your property or are planning an upgrade to your existing fire designs and detection system, consider enlisting the help of professionals from Prime Fire. Our experts can provide you with fully customized solution that will suit your unique needs. Call us up at 1300 590 510 or leave a message in contact page for more information about our services.

Fire Extinguisher Service: Recharging Your Fire Extinguishers


Keeping your fire extinguishers properly charged or pressurized is a crucial part of owning a fire extinguisher. Otherwise, it may not work as intended when a fire emergency occurs. There are quite a few things that need to be considered regarding this matter, most of which will be outlined below. Some of these may be pretty obvious, but there are others which may not be so evident.

After Use

Accordingly, fire extinguishers that have been used needs to be recharged immediately. This is true even if the amount used was only minimal. The reason behind this is because even the smallest discharge can result in leakage. Eventually, this will cause the pressure to drop which in turn will negatively impact the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher.

Six and Twelve Years after Manufacturing

Some fire extinguishers can go up to more than a decade without being used. This can lead many people to forget about their fire extinguishers, and believe that it should still be in perfect working condition since it hasn’t been used yet. High quality fire extinguishers can go for years without being used and still be in tip top shape. However, it is still recommended that they be checked after six and twelve years after the date of manufacture. These dates will often be indicated on the fire extinguisher’s label; if not, you can check the manufacturing date manually compute for the dates.

Other Considerations

Fire extinguishers also need to inspected and recharged if they show any signs of damage or deficiencies. These include low-pressure reading, broken or missing safety seals, corrosion, leakage, and others. There are some issues that may be difficult to detect at first glance (e.g. clogged nozzle) which is why having your fire extinguisher inspected regularly by a professional offering fire extinguisher service.

Fire extinguishers can be a great first line of defense against fire breakouts. It allows you to stop a small fire from getting bigger, and thus prevent a larger catastrophe from happening. However, this can only be true your fire extinguisher is in good working condition whenever you need it. That said, make it a point to have your fire extinguisher inspected and recharged regularly.

To ensure that your fire extinguisher is in good working condition and meets all the government requirements and standards, make sure that you have them inspected and recharged by professional fire protection companies like Prime Fire. We have the expertise and tools necessary to conduct inspections and provide proper maintenance services. Call us up at 1300 590 510 or leave a message in contact page for more information about our services.



Fire Alarm Services

Rely on the Best Fire Alarm Services to Reduce the Risk of Fire in Your Building

Fire Alarm Installation

Nearly all the residential, commercial and industrial facilities in the country face a myriad of risks. From earthquakes to fire, these structures need to withstand these threats to their solidity. Only then will they be able to secure the lives of the people living and working within them. To ensure this, builders typically need to comply with the local codes and regulations. These regulations strive to make buildings structurally safer for the occupants. In many cases, the regulatory authorities even force builders and construction companies to adopt or implement various safety-related measures.


For instance, the installation of fire alarms and fire detection systems in buildings in Sydney and other cities serves to make these structures safer. Upon the detection of smoke, these systems will trigger alarms. As a result, the occupants of the structure will have sufficient time to vacate the building. Alternatively, the occupants of the building will be able to take the measures necessary for putting out the fire. Even in the worst of cases, the presence of fire alarms will enable the occupants to notify the firefighting team about the incident, even as the occupants vacate the structure.


It goes without saying that fire can cause immense damage and loss of life. Thus, preventing incidents of fire from taking place will always be better than having to take remedial action. In this scenario, the building or facility managers will need to ensure that their firefighting systems and devices remain functional and effective over time. In some cases, replacing the obsolete or defective equipment might be necessary too. Ideally, all commercial and residential buildings must feature fully functional:


  • Fire alarms and fire alarm monitoring systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sprinkler systems and,
  • Fire detection systems


Oftentimes, owners of residential and commercial properties install the fire safety devices and systems. But, with the passage of time, these individuals forget to maintain these systems. As a result, at the time of asking, some of these devices and systems breakdown or malfunction. To eliminate such occurrences, building or facility managers will need to engage reputed fire protection companies to perform routine inspections regularly. Such inspections will not only highlight any issues or deficiencies that might exist in the building’s fire safety approach. These inspections could also result in the proper upkeep of all fire safety equipment and systems in the structure. Only a proactive approach and attention to detail can prevent significant levels of damage when a fire breaks out.

For more information, contact us at Prime Fire Protection today.


Why You Should Hire A Credible Fire Protection Installation Company?

Fire protection installation is a basic necessity in any residential or commercial space. With an efficient fire protection system, the safety of your occupants including the contents inside is not put to greater risk when a destructive fire occurs. Below are some of the reasons why hiring a fire protection installation company is a wise decision.

Reason #1 – Meet fire safety standards

Hiring the services of a fire protection installation company will give you peace of mind that your residential or commercial space is compliant with fire safety standards. Keep in mind, non-compliance with fire safety could to greater financial losses or injuries. A fire protection installation company is knowledgeable of the latest fire safety standards needed in maintaining the highest level of fire safety while at the same time preventing property damages, physical injuries and fatalities.

Reason #2 – Install an efficient fire protection sprinkler system

A top performing fire protection installation company knows the best fire designs and fire protection equipment that a residential or commercial space needs. One of the required fire safety requirements is the fire sprinkler system. What is the role of fire sprinklers? Fire sprinklers will serve as the first line of fire prevention during a fire incident. This is why the fire sprinkler system must only be installed by experts in fire protection installation to ensure the fire sprinklers will function well.

Reason #3 – Equipped with the right tools and equipment

Fire protection tools and equipment are needed for a fire protection installation to become successful. Hiring a reputable fire protection company gives you the assurance that their team of fire experts is fully equipped to help them perform their jobs efficiently.

Reason #4 – Enjoy routine fire safety maintenance

Fire alarms, fire hydrants including fire sprinklers may malfunction over time. If you worry that your fire protection system will not perform efficiently when a fire strikes, then, partner your fire safety needs with a fire protection company. Why? These fire experts offer routine fire safety inspections on your fire safety plan including fire protection equipment. They will see to it that each fire protection equipment is in good condition and will perform as expected during an actual fire. A fire protection installation company has an idea which fire protection equipment (fire alarms, fire extinguisher, fire sprinklers) need maintenance, replacement or upgrade.

Reason #5 – Save lives and protect properties

Yes, this is one of the reasons why anyone should not delay hiring the services of a fire protection installation company because these experts can actually help in saving lives and protecting properties. A fire can strike anytime and lead to major destruction if not prevented. So, it really pays off if you can rely on an expert that can quickly come to the rescue when you needed it most.

Fire incidents can be truly devastating. If you want assurance that your house, commercial space or business is fire safe and protected, hire the services of a fire protection installation company. If you live in Australia and wish to outsource your fire protection services with a local provider contact now Prime Fire Protection. Their fire experts will help you choose from various fire designs the most suitable fire protection installation package for your residential or commercial space.