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Welcome To Prime Fire: A Fire Protection Company With A Client-Focused Approach

Prime Fire is one of Australia’s most trusted fire services providers and a recognised leader in the industry. At Prime Fire, we offer a complete range of fire protection services and equipment. Our services include fire systems design, supply, installation, certification and maintenance of a wide range of fire safety solutions such as fire alarm services, fire extinguisher inspection, annual/final fire safety statements and fire sprinkler services, among others. Established in 2008, Prime Fire’s main goal is to provide you with a one-stop destination for all types of fire protection services, enhanced by our dedicated customer care team achieving this by providing quality service, expertise and becoming a leader in the fire service industry.

Industry Leading Fire Protection Services For A Complete Peace Of Mind

Professional advice, guidance and support to efficiently protect your business and achieve compliance with all the fire safety laws and regulations in Australia. Top-notch fire systems design services. Our fire design consultancy services are designed for builders, developers, designers, architects and engineers to improve fire safety levels in their projects and get compliance quickly and effectively. Take the guesswork out of installing and maintaining your fire protection systems. Dealing with fire safety equipment and remembering when your systems need repair or maintenance servicing can be frustrating and time-consuming. Let our experts handle everything for you.

Our Expertise

We understand fire and smoke protection needs of residents and commercial businesses across Australia, and our expertise lies in devising technologies that can minimise damage, minimise/reduce risk and the potential to save lives. We accomplish this by offering a variety of fire protection equipment and services that are designed to suit clients’ business goals and safety requirements.

We’re able to provide our clients with reliable and affordable fire protection solutions that can help you achieve approvals quickly while maximising space utilisation and improving your building’s aesthetics. All our design, installation and maintenance services are geared towards optimising the safety levels in your projects. Our experts are known for attention to detail to guarantee high quality and unrivalled reliability in all our processes. This is also what motivates us to keep innovating and enhancing our fire protection technologies in all types of buildings throughout Australia.

For more information on our products and services, visit Prime Fire or get in touch with our experts at 1300 590 510 today!